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In Memory
Monday October 29th 2007 was an exciting day for Christine Chapman and Leith Murph's "NEED TO READ" book club at Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary.

The children in this club, all ranging from 10 to 12 years old, are reading a novel called Wringer. Wringer is about a boy name Palmer LaRue, who is about to turn 10 and dreads the day that happens. It is a tradition in Palmers hometown that when the boys turn 10 they become wringers. A wringer is the boy who has to accompany his father on the pigeon shoots and finish off the birds that are not killed by the gunshots. Palmer does not want to be a wringer but doesn't know how to get out of it.

Since the book is based around pigeons, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Murph wanted their children to be familiar with them. So on Monday Frank McDonough and a couple of his Racing pigeons visited with the club. Frank gave a presentation to the class and they watched the video Marathon in the sky. The children asked lots of questions, were allowed to handle the pigeons and then release them for their journey home. All in attendance, including three other teachers, were excited and found it very interesting.
Maybe now the children will understand more, why little Palmer didn't want to be a wringer.
Thank you very much to The "NEED TO READ" book club club at Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary School for letting us share these amazing creatures with you. And thank you Frank, for taking the time to visit with the club and letting them see some of these remarkable birds up close.