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Results from the 2006 South East Open

2006 OB Series bird list

Well the 2006 Old Bird series races are finished. L.J. Meyers pretty much took all the honors this year winning Champion Loft in the A, B and overall series. Champion Bird in the A, B and overall series. Worth noting A, B and overall Champion Bird won by the same bird.
AU 04 SCO 0308 RCWF Cock "The Cardinal"
2nd 150
3rd 200
2nd 300
1st 400
1st 500
1st 200
A great year. May be up for some national awards.
Congrats L.J.

2006 Old Birds series Champion Loft

Jefferson GA 1A

1A combine

Fairburn GA 2A

2A combine

Fairburn, GA 3A

3A combine

Opelika, AL 4A

4A combine

Clinton, AL 5A

5A Combine

Forest, MS 6A

6A Combine

Jefferson, GA 7A

7A Combine

Fairburn, GA 8A

8A Combine

Jefferson GA 1B

1B combine

Fairburn Ga 2B

2B combine

Fairburn, GA 3B

3B combine

Opelika, Al 4B

4B combine

Clinton, AL 5B

5B Combine

Forest, MS 6B

6B Combine

Jefferson, GA 7B

7B Combine

Fairburn, GA 8B

8B Combine

Average Speed Results

Champion Bird Results

Champion Loft Results

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