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Congratulations goes out to Jim Vare, Winning the 2005 YB series everything just about.
Champion Loft A series
Champion Loft B series
Champion Loft Overall
Champion Bird A series
Champion Bird Overall
Average speed A series
Average speed B series
Average speed Overall
Jim was the only club member who qualified for average speed and finished 4th Average speed in the combine being 1 of only 8 who qualified in the combine. It was a very tough series and it was quite an accomplishment to have clocked in every race. Great job Jim.
Champion Bird B series was Jims only blemish which was won by Mike McKinney. Mike also won a combine race this season along with Frank McDonough.

Jim Vare receives the award for Champion Loft 2005 YB series

1A Morristown, TN results

2A Morristown, TN results

3A Morristown, TN results

4A Morristown, TN results

5A Norris, TN results

6A Norris, TN results

7A Westel,TN results

8A Westel, TN results

9A Cookeville, TN results

10A Lebanon, TN results

Champion Loft A series

Champion Loft Overall

Champion Bird B series

Average Speed Champion A series

Average Speed Champion Overall

1B Morristown, TN results

2B Morristown, TN results

3B Morristown, TN results

4B Morristown, TN results

5B Norris, TN results

6B Norris, TN results

7B Westel,TN results

8B Westel, TN results

9B Cookeville, TN results

10B Lebanon, TN results

Champion Loft B series

Champion Bird A series

Champion Bird Overall

Average Speed Champion B series

Morristown, 1 A&B Combine

Morristown 2 A&B combine

Morristown 3 A&B combine

Morristown 4 A&B combine

Norris 5 A&B combine

Norris 6 A&B combine

Westel 7 A&B Combine

Westel 8 A&B Combine

Cookeville 9 A&B combine

Lebanon 10 A&B combine

Champion Loft Combine

Champion Bird combine

Average speed combine