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Frank McDonough 2004 Old Bird Series Champion Loft
2003 Young Bird Champion Loft

Congratulations to Frank McDonough for winning the 2004 Old Bird Champion Loft award. Frank also won Average speed awards from the club as well as Average speed in the Combine. We are all happy for Frank, myself however am ready to see someone elses name on one of those awards. I'm sure I speak for all in the club when I say. Thank you Frank, for giving us something to strive for. And good luck this upcoming Young Bird season.

Burlington 1A

Burlington 1B

Henderson 2A

Henderson 2B

Doswell 3A

Doswell 3B

Bel Air 4A

Bel Air 4B

Oxford 5A

Oxford 5B

South Hill 6A

South Hill 6B

Doswell 7A

Doswell 7B

Warminster 8A

Warminster 8B

Weekly Winner

Avg Speed A

Avg Speed B

Avg Speed Overall

Champ Loft A

Champ Loft B

Champ Loft Overall

Champ Bird A

Champ Bird B

Champ Bird Overall